Saturday, November 6, 2010

All You Need Is Right Here In This Room

Well it has been a good long while since I have blogged. I caught the flu this past week and grew tired of watching the Golden Girls so this became my flu project. You're welcome.

Now don't get me wrong I love the Golden Girls. I have been watching it since I was five, mostly because I thought it was a show about grandmas. And even though it has the same cheesy antics and jokes in each episode I seem to chuckle anyways. I just hope when I am sixty something my life is like a 1980's sitcom. I hope to play Dorothy for the record and secretly await the day her suede boots come back in style.

It was worth it getting getting sick. I started feeling under the weather Wednesday night and instead of retiring to bed early like a responsible person I couldn't pass up the once a year appearance of my celebrity boyfriend here in Lethbridge. Seriously, I count down the nights before Peter Katz with more anticipation then I do with Christmas. So I sat there bundled up in Graham's sweater shivering as I sang along. I have posted a link with this blog because listen to and love him because he is fantastic...if you do not think so I will fight you, that is no lie.

Sorry my first posts are never that awesome but you have to start somewhere :)

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