Thursday, November 11, 2010

Let the Music Take Control Let the Rhythm Move You

I as most of you know love music. I heard a song today and thought it is funny how memories can be tied to music so I started thinking about specific songs that were connected to people. No matter where I go in life or no matter what happens there are songs that will in my mind be intertwined with that specific person forever. I hope the soundtrack of my life continues to grow. I am sure there is more so I want to increase the list....if you have a song that ties us together lemme know...I would love to expand my playlist.

Honey and the Moon by Joseph Arthur ---------Graham
One Winged Dove by Stevie Nicks---------------Laura
What a Good Boy by the Bare Naked Ladies-----Tristan
Time to Pretend by MGMT---------------------Sam
If you Don't Don't by Jimmy Eat World----------Denise
One More Night by Stars------------------------Chris
Ignition Remix by R Kelly-----------------------Jenny
Let Me Take You There by Plain White T's------Tom
Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol--------------------Kevin
John Wayne Gacy Jr by Sufjan Stevens----------Becky
Slow Burn by Atreyu----------------------------Kyle

1 comment:

  1. Am I the Becky attached to that song?...if not..that's cool..but if I am..totally awesome..and creepy too. I do have a song that will forever remind me of you.It's body in a box by city and colour. Every single time it plays.. I reminiscence about you learning to play it in our crappy little house full of estrogen and drama..and our discussions around the lyrics and how much we loved Dallas green.. and many more memories. Point is.. you are fantastic lady!! I truly miss your humour somedays. You're awesome! Nice name for your blog as well.. I look forward to more!!